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This work is featured in a Q&A article in Molecular Cell, "Meet the authors: Lizhen Chen, Shasha Chong, and Zhijie “Jason” Liu".

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This work is featured in an Insight article in eLife, "Condensates: When fixation creates fiction".

Chong, S.; Graham, T. G. W.; Dugast-Darzacq, C.; Dailey, G. M.; Darzacq, X.; Tjian, R. (2022) "Tuning levels of low-complexity domain interactions to modulate endogenous oncogenic transcription" Molecular Cell, 82, 2084-2097.

This work is featured in a Previews article in Molecular Cell, "Regulating gene expression through control of transcription factor multivalent interactions", and selected for Faculty Opinions.

2007-2021 (Prior to Caltech)

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